When I was a boy my parents always took me to church. I had a lot of respect for my elders and I was very enthusiastic to go to Sunday school. I really loved the stories of the Bible.

But when I started going to high school, things changed...my friends weren’t attending church, and didn’t believe in God. I found it difficult to keep on going to church because that would mean I would not be one of the ‘cool’ boys anymore...I started going to parties, and did all kind of wild things...but I soon found out that the things I did to be cool, weren’t satisfying me. Instead of being happy, I was down and I felt an emptiness in my soul.

And then one moment I started to think about God and asked myself: If there is a God, how can I get in contact with him? So I said a prayer and I said: GOD if you are real, please let me know. Nothing happened. Weeks went by. Then my parents asked me if I would like to go to a revival meeting with them at a different church. I said yes, and in my mind I thought: Let’s try this. If Jesus is real he can reveal himself, and if not, then I know for sure that God is not real. That night the preacher, without knowing who I was, spoke about the emptiness that people go through in life and that people try to fill their lives with drugs, smoking, drinking, and relationships. And he said that Jesus is the only person who can fill that emptiness. He said that Jesus died on a cross, so that we could be free. The only thing you have to do is to ask forgiveness for your sins and ask Jesus into your heart. That night I asked Jesus into my heart my life totally changed.

God can also change your life! Don’t wait and let this moment pass you by! Make the choice now and come to Christ!


My parents always believed in God but we did not go to church a lot at all. When I was around 6 years old, my father - who was a doctor - got involved in alternative medicine which led my parents down a path of spiritualism. They were involved in things like Reiki, Alternative Healing, Angel Cards, Crystal Healing and everything else you could ever think of. I started being involved in this, too, at a very young age.

When I became a teenager, I had a very difficult time at school. I was bullied every day and I had no self-love and no self-esteem. I tried to make myself confident using spirituality. I stood in front of the mirror for hours every day, reciting positive affirmations to make myself believe that I was loved and beautiful. But that didn’t work.

When I was 16, I spent one year in the USA as a foreign exchange student. My host family was Christian and they took me to church. At first, I wasn’t interested at all but I saw that the people at church were so different. They had such real joy and love. Something I had always longed for but never had.

They started telling me about Jesus and about how he died on the cross for all our sins and that we just have to pray to him and ask forgiveness for everything we have done wrong. Then, he will come into our lives. At that point in my life, I had nothing to lose. So one night, I prayed a simple prayer and asked Jesus into my heart, expecting nothing much. After that, I felt a burden lifted off my shoulders and I felt a joy I had never felt in my life. I knew right away that that was God because I had tried that myself for years and it never worked.

After that, I was finally able to start loving myself and enjoy life.

God can change your life, too, if you give him a chance!